Wim Crouwel

Dutch graphic designer and typographer Wim Crouwel is well known for having his own style in designing which involves grid-based methodology. His work, which are mostly printed materials, don't only consist of typography pieces, but also calenders, stamps, posters, and many others. He is also well known for his typefaces which are considered very simple yet sophisticated. 

One of the most well known typeset of his is called 'new alphabet' , which is the set of fonts that inspired my grid final outcome.  It consists of simply designed alphabets that are based on grids which therefore uses no curvy lines. Instead of curvy lines for alphabets like 'a' or 'o', it uses triangles and horizontal/vertical lines to create trapeziums as a representitive of a a curve. 

White space is also an essential element in this particular type design by his. Many of the alphabets only consists of some parts of its body which makes them look very abstract but artistic. For example the letter 'a' only consists of one horizontal line and one vertical line which forms a figure like a mirrored 'L'. Some others are really confusing for the audience to understand what letter it is, or to get it mixed up with another letter. For example the 'k' looks more like an incomplete letter 'b'. I personally think this set of letter is considered weak in its ability to deliver the meaning. However on the other side, its abstractness do help in dragging its audience attention to question what letter is which - it drags curioustity and interest. 

Henriette Vaan't Hoog

Henriette Vaan't Hoog is also an artist who comes from the Netherlands. As an artist, she designs 3D installation which engages painting a room with neon paints on the surface of walls and also floors. She shared in one of the interviews, that she didn't started with any plan on making such installations, all she wanted to do was fiddling around with colors and shapes. She wanted to experiment and find ways how both of these could somehow trick the audience and that is where her installation started. Her works consist of 3D shapes, some common like cuboids or prisms, whereareas some other are more complex in shape and structure. These 3D shapes are painted into the surface of the wall or floor and at many times in between. This is where it creates a mislead in how human perceives it. The 3D shapes might start from being 2D but as it goes up the wall, it becomes 2 and also because of its vast size, they tend to look 3D and popping out. 

Examining, analyzing, and criticising her work. 

In terms of color she often uses complimentary colors like blue and orange to create the strong contrast between the dark and light surfaces to clarify the sense of being 3D. At the same time, because the colors aren't monotonous like black and white but rather cheerful or presenting a warm feeling, it gives the sense of excitement within her works, especially collaborating with her choice of making it huge in size - it looks lively. White space is also a crucial element required in her installations, where she always uses white walls to emphasize the 3D forms she has painted. Aside from that, white space in her installation is also used to expand the size of the room in the eye of its audience, which dominates the word 'vast' within her works. I really like her works, because they bring wonders to its audience through her intelligent way of turning such simple forms we see everyday to a catalyst of optical illusion. She has definitely successfully brought back the significance of 3D form into the world of art and design. 

'New Alphabet' by Wim Couwel


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