Researching on a process - Folding

Because we all have researched together about the artist while we were at the campus, we divided the rest of the task into two where two people would research about materials and the other two about the processes. My part of the task is to research on one process where I chose folding.

At first it was not easy to explore about this process, because folding is a very simple process where at the beginning I thought does not have varied techniques within it. Yet as I researched further, I came to several interesting artists which I realized apply the process of folding differently. Sometimes it depends how much they fold it, whether all the way until it makes a folding mark, or just lightly to create some kind of curvy form. Another thing I looked at is the function of the fold itself, as in why the material is folded and what does the artist intend to present using the folding technique he used. For example in Sher Christopher's work, the folds found on the body parts like arms and legs are used to create the movement of the 3D paper characters. Presenting the folds also takes an important role within clarifying the intention of the folding process itself as well as the process of creating the artwork. An example of this would be the folds that are created repititively as a group within Isaac Mizrahi's work, which intention is to create the composition of his dress. 


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