Analyzing Hische's works

As a young designer in this modern era, HIsche expresses her joyful, cheerful and young soul through her works, wether it is an illustration or the typefaces she's created. Through what she wrote on her website about her carrer and her personal thoughts, the expressiveness and the 'slang language' she utilized to communicate with her audience, clients and admirers, has become a good proof of her young soul. Unlike other designers, she confidently shares about herself in a more informal way rather than formally like any other designer would professionally do.I think this is a great way for her to not only be different but also in terms of representing which generation she comes from and is standing for. Her cheerul side could also be easily recognized from her positive thoughts she has shared on her site, as well as practically though her choice of colors used in the types and illustrations she has designed. Through her choice of color (often involves pink and soft colors), as well as her designs (at most times involving swirls and curls), her feminine side is also well reflected. She overall has a really preserved style in her designs.

It is interesting that many of her designs seem like it evolves from a hand drawn type to a a digitally published and edited one. I think this is why her works became very interestig for many people including me. It shows how the way she works has never changed (always originating from a hand drawn piece of idea). This is particularly interesting because hand drawing a design is a stage where most designers start from and that indirectly links her and her admirers for having the same style of work. 

Hische's journey in her carrier

Unlike many artists and designers, Jessica Hische didn't come from an artistic family. It was her own deciision to step out and start her own journey to persue her dreams in the world of art. She took graphic design as her major and was in love with making posters and identities. She became more aware of this passion of hers once she was employed for her first job in a little design studio. After several working experience, she ended up choosing to become a freelance letterer, illustrator and type designer. Her harwork and proven creativity and talent in type designing has earned her offers from great clients such as the penguin books. Currently Hische is working in a studio with her design partner Erik Marinovich. As a side job, she is also a visitng speaker for what she is doing. 

I was really drawn into some of the thoughts she shared on types and being a designer.. These are a several of them: 

"Think of typefaces as items of clothing and your self-proclaimed favorite font as a hilarious ironic t-shirt. You love that t-shirt.... if you wore it every single day and to every event, be it a happy hour or a black tie affair, people would start to notice. You’d probably get gentle remarks from your friends about how you should expand your wardrobe horizons from time to time." <--- I think she is motivating designers to have a wide range of inspiring references and not just to stick to one specific favorite font.

"Since I’m comparing fonts to t-shirts, I’ll compare type designers to fashion designers. Maybe you only buy shirts from one designer.... you know you can go back to those designers time and time again and find something you love and that works perfectly for you. If you get to know the type designers that make things that you love, you’ll never run out of beautiful typefaces to work with." <---- This is a good point to also find a wide range of inspiring designers to look up to and not just once but over and over again, that old references could also be reused.


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