Week 1 Project - Ideas Factory

This week's project is called Ideas Factory. We were given 3 columns -- one was a list of artist names, one was a list of materials that are used for artworks, and the last one states all the common processes that are used in the creation of artworks. The task was to choose one of each in those categories to research on during the week. We were also given a time slot in the library and as a graphic communication pathway student, my time slot was from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m on wednesday. 

We were divided into groups and my group consists of 4 people -- they are Eman, Olga, Lara and me. As a group we had to change several of our first choices from the list because there were no books to research from in the library. Most of the common ones were already taken by the other groups, so the sources were being used by them. We ended up choosing Philip Treacy as our artist because when we searched him up, even at a glance, his works were really fascinating -- it brought us into wonders. 

Research - Philip Treacy

As a group we spent the time slot given to research about our chosen artist -- Philip Treacy. Summarizing what we've learned about him, Philip Treacy is a fashion designer who designs bizarre hats for his clients which include many well known names of celebrities. As an artist he plays a lot with scale and composition within his work. One of the main materials used in his works is feathers, varied in scales, as it touches up the sense of bizareness and at the same time elegance in the hats he produced.

Philip Treacy is also an artist who is used to pouring his ideas into paper first rather than assembling the combinations of decorations in his hats right away. One of the books we researched from was written entirely about him. The book contains a great compilation of his sketches inside it.  Within the sketches of ideas, he would emphasize his work with color and the rest of the body or the head with only black and white. Sometimes he would also color particular accessories that he thinks would be a perfect combination for his hats.  I truly agree that this technique of creating contrast would create the image of how stunning his work would look while they are being worn. Another thing that is unique about Treacy's sketches is how not all of them are sketches of ideas, but that some of them are also sketches of his clients wearing his masterpieces (his hats).  How Treacy produced both types of sketches clearly reflects his desire as designer, who does not only want his works to be impressive to him himself, but also appreciated by its audience.

Treacy's sketch of his client wearing his hat

Book where there is a compilation of Treacy's sketches

Treacy's designs and possible additional accessories


Davies, Kevin. Philip Treacy. London: Phaidon, 2013. Print.

Treacy, Philip, Isabella Blow, and Hamish Bowles. Philip Treacy: "when Philip Met Isabella" New York: Assouline, 2002. Print.



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