Where his carrier started

Lubalin had no idea that he would be one of world's most influential typographer neither a graphic designer until years and years after he graduated from Cooper Union, a known art school in United States. After his graduation, has worked in several design-related companies such as the Deutsch and Shea advertising, however his first major hit in the world of typography was in 1952. At that time he was working as the creative director for Sudler and Hennessey and he got a gold medal award for it from New York's art directors club. That is where his big success started. 

Lubalin then founded Herb Lubalin Inc., a design consultant firm that became world's first graphic cartel. His firm then expanded its wings and had several other sub firms like Good Books Inc. and Lubalin, Burns & Co. One of the biggest and most succesful one was ITC, not just within his firms but to the world of typography, the world of design and the world in general. 

Lubalin's career

ITC and U&lc

Lubalin is one of the foremost typographer and graphic designer of the 20th century. He is one of the founder of ITC, International Typeface Corporation, one of world's first type manifacturers which worked on designing, preserving, liscencing and marketing typefaces. Lubalin was also the founder of U&lc (shortened for Upper and lower case), a magazine which gave updates about typefaces released by ITC. However not only focusing on typefaces, the magazine also published issues on ways typography helps in communicating ideas and often it involved illustration, cartoons, and rhetoric statements. As a part of his carreer life, he also teaches at Cornell and Cooper Union as a professor. 


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Although many people consider him as a typographer, Lublin himself thinks differently of what he is doing. He said:

“What I do is not really typography, which I think of as an essentially mechanical means of putting characters down on a page. It's designing with letters. Aaron Burns called it, 'typographics,' and since you've got to put a name on things to make them memorable, 'typographics' is as good a name for what I do as any."

The more I read this quotation over and over again, the more I realize that it is true that there is a big difference between someone who design the characters in a typefaces found on designs and those who fiddle with it, modify it and engage it with illustration and other aspects of design to create one new design as a whole. However at the same time, the focus is still on typography itself so it is true that the job is also more specific than what graphic designers in general do. It is more to elaborating the visual image of type and expanding the function of type designs.


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