I chose Gravity as my topic since it is linked to the last movie I watched which was called 'Gravity'. Yet the movie wasn't solely about the theory of gravity or anything scientific to that. The movie narates about the lives of astronomers who were sent to space to fix a satellite, however things went wrong and they couldn't go back to earth, only one did survive.

I think the movie 'Gravity' captures well how crucial the existence of gravity is in our daily lives and action. Especially from the setting of where it took place, which was up in the satellite where there are some kind of cockpit and a small aisle where they could stay and do their daily routines there 'eating, sleeping, etc." It brought me great interest on how life would be without gravity around. I thought it would be fun flying in the air, that was the only thing I could think about at the start of the movie. I was totally wrong. 

The movie fantastically describes how life without gravity, for us as human beings, would be very inconvenient. Not only daily actions like going to the toilet, or sleep, but even eating, cooking, showering, etc. And it is definitely not fun to fly around in the air as I first thought, it is more to risky if I were to conclude from the movie. It was very scary to see how one of the astronomers had to actually float further and further away from the earth's atmosphere, lost in space, because he couldn't hang on to the satellite and because human don't have the power to control where they are floating to. I realize that gravity also brings human the feel of being safe and secure. 

So the conclusion from what I get from this movie is that, gravity is one of the important element that made our daily lives to be how it is now. Starting from the way we shower, we cook, we eat, even until how we are connected to our relatives. I mean, it would be impossible for us to meet someone or hang out with someone if gravity doesn't exist, because we can't even control our moves. And when we are sick, no doctors can check our body, or operate our body, because again physical contact between individuals would be difficult to make unless they accidentally pass by. Cooking for example, would also be impossible because the water will then float in the air, so it is impossible to boil any water or fry anything. I realize that almost every single little thing we do is because of gravity, even writing, drawing, or typing this blog. That is why when I came upon the list, I was really interested in this topic straight away.

So when I visited the Science Museum, I was actually planning to research about scientific facts of gravity, but as I went into the astronomy area, I was completely fascinated about the interesting facts they posted about the lives of astraunats in space living without gravity for a really long period of time. There were some interesting facts like how they used this special diapers to do their toilet routines. I also know from another source of information that a filter also exists to recycle urine so that they could suvive with the amount of water available. And then it also shares about how they need to be strapped to sleep to avoid being tired; their backs need to rest on something since our body is already used to that process of sleeping. What was most interesting is that our body organs also adjusts to gravity, not just our actions. 

Reading all these interesting facts, I chose to just rely on how gravity impacts our lives as human being rather than gravity as a scientific term to explore on. 


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