I find this particular brief tough to work with as it is different than any others. It required an in depth research about a scientific field/theory/topic which I think sparked excitement for some of us, yet for the rest of us, the scientific focus was simply not exciting and kind of a burden to work with. As for me, for example, science has always been a complicated subject I did not have much interest in and dealing with this brought all the confusions back. Yet at the same time I know that as a designer you have to be open to any field to engage with so I thought it's a good chance to give a try.

I started the brief with a scientific thinking hat on, trying to research as much scintific facts as possible. I chose gravity as my topic since it is the theory which I fully understand apart from the others, like penicilin for example, which I have to research more to introduce myself to it.I researched on the history of the theory, how the theory works and its formulas. I tried putting myself back as a science student who is trying to understand fully of how gravity works. So I started brainstorming with a mindmap on the facts and how I can present them through a design. I came up with some first draft ideas like representing earth with an earthly patterned vacuum cleaner sucking a building to clarify how gravity works through the most simple ways. Another idea was to have 3 people piled up, carrying each other on the back with Galileo on top, Einstein on the bottom and Newton in the middle. Galileo then holds a board of the formula of gravity, passing it down to newton and newton to einstein. My idea is to picture how the formula was based on galileo's discovery, then newton took it, worked on it and labeled it as gravity, and then the theory itself is finalized by einstein's theory of relavity which also explains the phenemonon. 

However when I attended the group tutorials, my tutor who was Joao at that time, reminded of how it doesn't have to be so scientific. And that the outcome itself doesn't have to reflect such scientific focused facts (like formulas). He reminded us on how as designers we should take the scientific facts and take it the interesting parts and manipulate it into something to the point, simple, yet attractive and interesting. He mentioned that last year, one of his favorite works was a crumpled piece of paper. It looked simple but that person did a lot of research behind it and that simple was enough to represent the fact how things can only be wrinkled or crumpled due to gravity. Therefore I took that Idea and decided to do something simple but to the point in expressing gravity's impact to our everyday lives. 

So I went home and did more research on the interesting facts about gravity where it could be found on my "gravity-furthermore" page. There were some facts that quite fascinated me, and a lot of them also linked back to the information I got about gravity while visiting the science museum and the movie I watched previously. One of the interesting ones are how human are taller when they are in space since there is no gravity pulling them down, but once they get to the earth, our height will adjust back to gravity's impact. Not only our height, but our body also adjusts with gravity, and so our bone mass for example would be less in space without gravity's effect on it. Yet above all my favorite was this quote where it says "No other force known to man is so present everywhere for everything and everybody." I think it is very true, because after all I've researched and after watching th emovie gravity, I realize how siginificantly important gravity is in our daily lives. Basically, the way we live now, the way the daily life of human nowadays are formed, they all are the way they are because of gravity, because they need to adapt to gravity's effect. 

And so I started researching on how astraunats and people who are sent to space practice their daily activities out there. I found several youtube videos about how these people share their daily routines like sleeping, showering, bruhsing their teeth and eating. It was really interesting how they have to survive with brushing their teeth without rinsing it out and just swallowing it, it must be disgusting for them which would probably make them more grateful of gravity's presence.

The most valuable lesson I got thoughout my research is how gravity pulls people down to earth, which makes them able to walk and control where they are walking towards, which leads them to being able to meet and have relationships and friendships with other human beings - simply being physically in contact with one another. Especially after watching how one of the character was pulled away lost into space since there is no gravity, and then I also found a new york news paper article where it talks about how astronauts' biggest fear is to be floating off into space, I realized that gravity is the only thing that unites everything on earth. It acts like a magnet pulling everything together as a family of earth. It is the reason why objects could be gathered, objects could be lined up, human beings can interact and always keep in contact with. If people float with no control, they couldn't go back and say hello to the friends they once met except if they accidentally pass each other again.  I wanted to express this idea so I printed pictures and embossed unity into it. It know that it will become a not-to-the-point piece as it doesn't give any clue about gravity on it, but at the same time I want the ambiguousness to create curiosity on why it is linked to gravity. It would reflect the in-depth researched required to have come up with such outcome. 

At the same time I felt like it was too deep so I wanted to balance it up with a more simpler outcome like Joao explained during the tutorial. So I made a simple piece which involves dripping and splashing ink on white paper. This piece was inspired by one of the artist works that I've researched from, which was called "Magnetic Field record" by Kouichi Okamoto. She dripped ink in a inward spiral form with different speed to create a final abstract patterned circular figure. It was simple but beautiful and it did clearly show gravity's role in the production of the work. My piece was just a simpler version of it. I chose to do 3 pieces each set (1 set using ink, 1 set using blue food dye) which contains the process of dripping and running through, dripping straight on the surface of the paper and splashing. Although it was simple, but it was straight to the point in showing that it could only happend because of gravity. 



Evaluation for this piece

I actually like this piece better than the other one as an outcome because it's very simple but its simplicity communicates the theory gravity successfully. I think the weakness of this piece is its vibrancy, which kind of makes the piece looks a bit dull. I think if I use more ink it would create a stronger atmosphere of the droplet, the splash marks and the running ink/dye. At most I really like the running one because it spontaneously brings the image of how it flows down once someone look at it and so they could visualize gravity straight away. 

Evaluation for this piece

From a third persons view, this piece might be very abstract in terms of relating it with gravity, but to me who has done all the research, I think it reflects an important point that we tend to forget and pass by. This piece is significant to me as it reminds me of why my surroundings are as it is, and why I have the chance to come to know many people and let them stay in my heart. Without gravity, everyone would just be individuals passing by in my life and they wouldn't mean anything personal to me. I think this piece has a really deep meaning and it is well presented through the pictures being embossed the word unity. It is a good way to symbolize 'unity' in our daily lives that we often don't pay attention at. Along with it, the cover page is the part where I like the most because I think its design is most effecient in delivering the message. With the word 'what is behind' embossed in white, and 'unity' being colored, it successfully delivers the message where people don't normally pay attention on why things are together and why people could be together.


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