Important points: 

- The gravitational effects of moon and sun cause tides

- Earth's gravity is higher than Mars, so human will weigh lighter in Mars. 

- People say that Newton found this theory of gravity when he was inspired by the incident of an apple falling from a tree

- Modern physics rely more on Einstein's relativity theory to describe gravity more accurately

- When an object's location is higher above ground, then it has more gravitational potential energy. 

20 Interesting facts about gravity

Important Points: 

- Nasa is trying to invent a laser beam which function is to move physical objects. This laser beam's force of attraction would beat gravity's.  

- Although gravity's force of attraction seems to be very strong, however it is actually the weakest compare to the other four fundemental forces, which are: electromagnestism, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force.

- Newton's thought about the apple falling from the tree was whether the fall has anything to do with the moon's motion around the earth. 

(The rest are too scientific) 

I got this very interesting

point from wikianswers and

although it is not as much

of a reliable source, but I

totally agree with this one:

" No other force known to

man is so present everywhere

for everything and for

everybody. "

Main Points: 

- gravity causes you to cry <-- tears run down (pulled by gravity) 

- astronauts grew in space in terms of height because gravity doesn't pull them down, however when they reach the earth, they shrink back to their original height according to earth's gravitational effect. 

- For birds to swallow something, it requires the gravitational forces to do so.

- There is gravity present between a piece of our hair and a grain of asteroid from the orbit of stars from the farthest galaxy. 

- Our weight on the earth is the same amount with the earth's weight on us. 

Interesting Points: 

- It is discovered that human's perception towards gravity could be affected by the orientation of our bodies. For example when we see things upside down, we perceive gravity differently as when we sit at a normal angle. 

- loss of gravity or in other words when gravity is not presence, the mass of our bones would be deducted. Astronauts lose one percent of their bone mass per month when they are in space. 

- Our body organs do not function the same way when there is gravity and when gravity is absent. Although fortunately they will adapt to either situation, however it will take time.

- When astraunots come back from space, their mind will also take time to adjust back to the condition of the earth where gravity is presence. Sometimes they would stil think that objects would fly around if they let it go, when they would eventually fall to the ground. 

- Different planets, including pluto although it is now considered as a moon, has their own gravitational force. Mars for example has a smaller force than earth, while Jupiter has the strongest. Therefore, human would weigh much more in Jupiter than in earth or mars. Pluto has one of the least force even according to Mars, so for someone who weighs up to 68 kg would only weigh up to 4.5 kg in Pluto. 

-Earth isnt a perfect sphere, so the gravitational force around the earth isn't equal. Hudson Bay of Canada is found to be the area with the least amount of gravity. 

- Some bacterias are discovered to be more dangerous in the absence of gravity. These types of bacterias include bacterias that could have caused food poisining. 


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